Annie Thayer's Recipes:

Creamy Broccoli Cashew Soup Creamy Broccoli Cashew Soup
This creamy broccoli soup is thickened with cashews which gives it a sweet, nutty flavor.
Main Course
Split Pea Veggie Soup Split Pea Veggie Soup
This thick and hearty soup will keep you warm on a cool evening. Use either green or yellow split peas.
Main Course
Rhubarb Bars Rhubarb Bars
Sweet and tart, enjoy this dessert from a family recipe.
Teriyaki Seitan and Broccoli Stirfry Teriyaki Seitan and Broccoli Stirfry
A homemade Teriyaki sauce blended into stir-fried sietan and broccoli may make this your favorite quick dinner for family or guests
Main Course

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