Ingredients Included and Excluded in Delectable Planet’s Store

Our standards are fairly simple; Whole foods with few exceptions, organic options where possible and no chemical additives. If you find a product where we have erred with our recommendation, please let us know and we will review the decision again. We have been somewhat mixed on the use of cane sugar, for instance, and for the most part did not include products that contain it.


agave nectar, annatto, ascorbic acid, brown sugar, calcium chloride, cornstarch, evaporated cane juice, maple syrup, mid-oleic sunflower oil, milled cane sugar, raw sugar, sodium alginate, sugar (infrequently),.


aluminum, animal products, aspartame, autolyzed yeast, BHT, casein, dairy products, eggs, fish, fractionated palm kernel oil, GMO, high fructose corn syrup, honey, hydrogenated oil, lactic acid, maltodextrin, meat, modified corn starch, MSG, potassium sorbate, silicon dioxide, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, sulfites, sulfur dioxide, whey, torula yeast