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Short-Cut Vegan: Great Taste in No Time

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Short-Cut Vegan: Great Taste in No Time
written by Lorna J. Sass
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by William Morrow Cookbooks
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Product Description

Now that millions of Americans are exploring the vegan lifestyle, award-winning cookbook author Lorna Sass has updated her classic cookbook to reveal that achieving great flavor and eating healthy meals don't require spending hours in the kitchen. Sass creates culinary magic from a pantry stocked with carefully selected prepared and instant foods, such as homemade curry powder, roasted red peppers, spicy salsas and mustard sauces, and roasted garlic oil. A splash of orange juice, a touch of cinnamon, and a few sliced leeks quickly transform handy frozen spinach and a can of highest-quality lentils into an exotic Orange-Scented Lentil Ragout that will satisfy the most sophisticated palates. Review
Vegetarian magician Lorna Sass pulls another carrot out of the culinary hat with this book. (Of course it's a carrot--this is a vegan cookbook!) This short and snappy book will wow you with Mushroom Barley Soup that cooks in 15 minutes, an almost instant Chickpea Curry, an inspired Vegetable Paella, Tortilla "Sushi," and more. In addition to the recipes, Sass names specific products useful for making speedy, tasty meals and recommends ingredients to keep in the pantry and freezer so there's always something to work with in the house. To prove that quick, good eating doesn't depend on recipes alone, Sass offers time-saving principles: adapt them and you'll quickly move from needing recipes to easily creating your own.
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