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Professional Vegetarian Cooking

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Professional Vegetarian Cooking
written by Kenneth A Bergeron
Studio :
by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Features Of  'Professional Vegetarian Cooking'
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Product Description
A contemporary bible of vegetarian cooking filled with fresh and fabulous ideas for today's fine dining

Vegetarian cuisine is now more popular than ever. Increasing health and ethical concerns-and an appetite for adventure-have sparked a growing demand for attractive, appetizing, and creative vegetarian dishes that hold their own with any meat choice on the menu. This book shows how to harness traditional cooking methods and techniques to produce exciting, elegant meatless creations bursting with freshness and flavor. Moving from appetizers and side dishes to delicious entrees, breads, and desserts, Professional Vegetarian Cooking is filled with dynamic ideas for building flavor with the help of vegetable stocks and a global array of herbs, spices, oils, condiments, and more. A far cry from the rough-hewn, grain-heavy approach that once typified standard vegetarian fare, it shares recipes and tips that open up a whole new world of taste for the vegetarian palate-complete with instructions that are clearly written and easy to follow.
* Explains how to integrate vegetarian dishes into every phase of a meal
* Includes 200 ready-to-use recipes
* Lists best sources of purveyors and mail order products
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