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The Millennium Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine

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The Millennium Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine
written by Eric Tucker, John Westerdahl, Sascha Weiss
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by Ten Speed Press
Brand : Tucker, Eric/ Westerdahl, John/ Weiss, Sascha
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Editorial Reviews for  'The Millennium Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine'
Product Description

Elegant vegetarian cooking from the Bay Area's famed Millennium restaurant.

San Francisco's Millennium restaurant is renowned for its elegant, intriguing, and delicious vegetarian fare. Very low-fat, this sophisticated and inviting food draws from a world of culinary influences. With full-color photographs, an ingredient glossary, and an introduction to the techniques of dairy- and egg-free cooking. Review
Millennium, arguably the best vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco, finally shares its secrets. If you've never been to Millennium, forget the stereotype of a vegetarian restaurant serving bean sprouts, brown rice, and seaweed. Millennium, a true gourmet restaurant, presents elegant, innovative, inspired cuisine that happens to be as healthy as it is delicious. This book entices the accomplished cook to explore exquisite dishes that will surprise and delight any dinner party--even if your guests are not vegetarians. Try appetizers like Cabbage and Shiitake-Filled Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce, or Grilled Portobellos with Herb-Tofu Aioli and Red Onion Marmalade. Experience the Indian-inspired Baked Madras-Glazed Tofu with Saffron Basmati Pilaf and Peach-Lime Chutney, or the Curry-Crusted Tempeh with Pomegranate Sauce. You won't want to skip dessert: Chocolate-Almond Midnight will indulge even the most finicky chocoholic.

Some of the dishes are simple to prepare, but most are intricate and time consuming and include subrecipes, making this book best for artistic cooks who revel in new, inventive recipes. For example, the recipe for luscious Moroccan Filo Crescents with Curried Golden Tomato Sauce (only 21 percent fat, despite the filo) takes more than a page, and references three other recipes. All recipes are vegan--no meat, eggs, or dairy--and most are very low in fat. Nutritional breakdown is provided for each recipe, and the food photos are gorgeous. The Millennium Cookbook is an impeccable gift for the inspired cook in your life. --Joan Price

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