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Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook

Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook
written by Sky Weil, Gentle World
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by Book Publishing Company (TN)
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Features Of  'Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook'
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Product Description

Over 500 incredibly delicious, 100% cholesterol-free recipes. From quick, easy meals to gourmet banquets. —Extensive chapter on raw food preparation. How to sprout, grow wheatgrass, and cultivate a vegan garden. —Dogs can be vegan too!
Vegan alternative ingredients and products. —Introduction by Michael A. Klaper, M.D.
Quotes from medical and environmental authorities affirming the health and ecological benefits of a plant-based diet. Inspiring words of wisdom from great minds, such as: Gandhi, Plato, Buddha, Einstein, Socrates, Pythagoras, Schweitzer, Thoreau, G. B. Shaw, DaVinci, & Tolstoy.

Book Specs

Paper Back
Publisher: Book Publishing Company
Printed: 2003
Pages: 320

Table of Contents

Glossary of Ingredients
Vegan Sources of Minerals and Vitamins
Preparing to Cook
Metric Conversion Chart & U.S. Measuring Conversions
Baking Guide
Cooking Guide for Whole Grains
Cooking Guide for Beans
Bread and Breakfast
Scrumptious Salads and Soups
Dips, Dressings, Sauces & Gravies
Appetizers and Side Dishes

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