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The Goddess of Raw Foods

The Goddess of Raw Foods
written by Nwenna Kai
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by BookSurge Publishing
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Product Description
"The Goddess of Raw Foods" best known as the creator of Taste of the Goddess Cafe one of LA's pioneering organic raw foods cafes shares with her fans over 75 tailor-made recipes from her restaurant and catering company. With recipes such as her live chocolate mousse, living lasagna, and her hemp burgers, she delivers straight, honest, and valuable nutritional information to not only entice her readers but to also educate them on why eating more raw foods can only enhance their lives. With her excerpt on raw foods and sex, the most "die-hard" carnivore will want to dive into this ever-growing popular diet and lifestyle. Kai uses her background as a visual artist and writer to tell stories about food while infusing her passion and abundant desire to help those who want to achieve better health to walk that path.
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