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Miso Cookery

Miso Cookery
written by Louise Hagler
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by Book Publishing Company (TN)
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Product Description
Miso is a traditional Asian soyfood that has a rich, robust flavor and provides high quality nutrition. It is also excellent for recreating the flavors of meats and cheeses in vegetarian foods. Soyfoods specialist and renowned cookbook author, Louise Hagler, shows how miso can be used to enhance sauces, soups, marinades, dressings, stews, roasts, and more. Cashew Walnut Spread, Mustard Miso Vinaigrette, Asian Greek Salad, Creamy Country Gravy, Thai Green Curry, Risotto Delicata, and Mushroom-Onion Quiche are a few of the 70 recipes that illustrate the versatility of this soyfood. Rich in beneficial enzymes, friendly bacteria, and soy isoflavones, learn how miso aids digestion, offsets the effects of radiation and pollution, and can protect against cancer and heart disease. This cookbook represents true fusion cuisine, combining the best of East and West for delicious, healthy everyday meals. Color photos.
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