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Vietnamese Fusion: Vegetarian Cuisine

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Vietnamese Fusion: Vegetarian Cuisine
written by Chat Mingkwan
Studio :
by Book Publishing Company (TN)
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Product Description
Fresh Spring Rolls - Glass Noodle Soup - Papaya Salad - Clay Pot Vegetables - Lemongrass Dry Noodles. Enjoy many of your favorite Vietnamese dishes now with a vegetarian twist. Renown Asian culinary expert Chat Mingkwan presents time-honored favorites using completely plant-based ingredients. You're offered a bevy of delicious choices, whether you're making an ensemble for a multi-course meal or an extravagant dish with a host of accompaniments. Typical Vietnamese cooking is already characterized by the use of a vast array of fresh herbs and vegetables. Introducing soy-based alternatives in place of the traditional meat and fish, Chat makes this already nutritious fare even better for you and the planet.
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