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Vice Cream: Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free Delights

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Vice Cream: Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free Delights
written by Jeff Rogers
Studio :
by Celestial Arts
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Features Of  'Vice Cream: Over 70 Sinfully Delicious Dairy-Free Delights'
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Product Description
It’s love at first bite! Until now, vegans and lactose-intolerants have missed out on perfect rich, creamy ice cream, and have been left with bland, too-healthy-tasting alternatives. Who knew it was possible to create a satisfying ice cream-like dessert without the milk and cream? Jeff Rogers and his vice cream to the rescue! VICE CREAM offers more than 70 scrumptious recipes for all the vegans out there who’ve been missing scoop after scoop of mouthwatering ice cream. For the first time, you can make truly creamy and delectable ice creams using purely vegan ingredients—the milks come from nuts, the sweeteners are maple syrup and dates, and the flavors are just amazing. Recipes include favorites like chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip, mocha, and peanut butter, as well as fresh fruit flavors like blueberry, raspberry, lemon, and strawberry, and many more. After your first spoonful, you’ll be astonished at just how tasty and rich this healthy alternative to the heaviness of “real” ice cream can be. With vice cream in the freezer, you’ll never yearn for milk-based ice cream again.
  • More than 70 recipes for pure vegan ice creams, including preparation and ingredient tips.
  • Includes a whole section devoted to raw vice creams.
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group estimates that 2,900,000 Americans (or 1 percent of the population) are vegans.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health, 30 to 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant.
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