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The Accidental Vegan

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The Accidental Vegan
written by Devra Gartenstein
Studio :
by Celestial Arts
Brand : Brand: Celestial Arts
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Product Description
Eating vegan doesn't have to be hard. These days, home cooks are seeking out simple recipes that unite hearty, satisfying taste with the perks of vegan food--it's healthy, fresh, economical, lactose-free, ethical, and environmentally sustainable. Omnivorous chef Devra Gartenstein accidentally fell into the vegan world more than ten years ago, and she stuck around for the benefits to her body, her tastebuds, and the world around her. Never one to fuss in the kitchen, Devra has packed this new edition of her pioneering cookbook with more than 180 basic-ingredient, quick-instruction, maximum-flavor recipes. With appetizers, soups, mains, sides, and desserts inspired by Indian, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Greek, and Italian cuisines, THE ACCIDENTAL VEGAN is sure to have vegans and nonvegans alike clamoring for more.
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