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A Vegan Taste of North Africa (Vegan Cookbooks)

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A Vegan Taste of North Africa (Vegan Cookbooks)
written by Linda Majzlik
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by Jon Carpenter Publishing
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Product Description
This collection of cookbooks interprets the savory flavors of international cuisines for the animal-free, vegan diet. Each region's most famed dishes are detailed or redesigned to be meat- and dairy-free. With recipes for appetizers, breads, salads, main courses, desserts, and drinks, each cookbook covers the entire culinary palate. With influences from East and West African culinary traditions, the cuisine of North Africa is presented in this recipe collection, which provides the vegan cook with an opportunity to experiment with a wide range of crosscultural dishes. Included are recipes for Moroccan pizza, Tunisian vegetable stew, Egyptian chocolate cake, and cardamom coffee.
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