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Emsa Perfect Beaker with Seal

Emsa Perfect Beaker with Seal
Studio :
by Emsa
Brand : Emsa
Availability : Usually ships in 24 hours
Number of Items : 1
Size : 16-oz.
Color : Clear
EAN : 0728547900965
UPC : 787543776424

List Price : $9.95
Our Price : $8.95

Features Of  'Emsa Perfect Beaker with Seal'
  • Ideal measuring beaker for liquid or dry ingredients with clear plastic, tight fitting freshness seal
  • Narrow base ensures accurate measurements even in small quantities
  • Markings for six different measuring scales in many increments
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe; item is not microwaveable
  • Made in Germany; 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects
Editorial Reviews for  'Emsa Perfect Beaker with Seal'
Product Description
Emsa was founded in Germany over 60 years ago and has been a leading German manufacturer of kitchen and home accessories since that time. Countless design awards are evidence why consumers and professionals in more than 140 countries trust the Emsa name. Emsa's product range revolves around the motto "the beauty of plastic is its versatility." The Perfect Beaker is designed for measuring both wet and dry ingredients with precise accuracy. Mix salad dressings, healthy drinks or flour mixtures for breads. The narrow base ensures accurate measurements even in small quantities. The scientifically calibrated measurement guide includes cups, fluid ounces, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, and milliliters/cubic centimeters. A beveled rim makes pouring easy. Measure sauces, dressings or marinades completely in this single vessel. The lid fits snugly enough that you can snap it on and shake the beaker for easy mixing. Please note this item is not microwave safe.
This is a single measuring cup that will replace the others floating around your kitchen--even the teaspoons! Cone-shaped, with a sturdy base and tight-fitting lid, this little beaker is perfect for those recipes with odd amounts, such as "two cups plus one tablespoon." There's a lip around the top edge that acts beautifully as a spout--no dripping when pouring liquids, from water to beaten egg yolks. Measurements include pints, cups, ounces, ml/ccm, tablespoons, and teaspoons, and all are written clearly in black print. The lid fits snugly enough that you can snap it on and shake the beaker for easy mixing of ingredients. --Jill Lightner
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