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Cuisinart DLC-893 3-Piece Specialty Disc Set, Fits 7- and 11-Cup Processors

Cuisinart DLC-893 3-Piece Specialty Disc Set, Fits 7- and 11-Cup Processors
Studio :
by Cuisinart
Brand : Cuisinart
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Size : Specialty
Color : Specialty
EAN : 0086279106681
UPC : 086279106681

List Price : $90.00
Our Price : $69.95

Features Of  'Cuisinart DLC-893 3-Piece Specialty Disc Set, Fits 7- and 11-Cup Processors'
  • Includes julienne, fine-grating, and thick-slicing disks
  • Fits Cuisinart 11- and 7-cup food processors
  • Includes recipe book
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • 3-year limited warranty
Editorial Reviews for  'Cuisinart DLC-893 3-Piece Specialty Disc Set, Fits 7- and 11-Cup Processors'
Product Description
Stainless-steel discs are designed to fit any Cuisinart 7- or 11-cup food processor. Discs are not identical to those included with the processor. Disc holder sold separately.

Standard: Set of 3 stainless-steel standard discs for vegetable and French fry cutting (6-millimeter), medium slices (3-millimeter) and fine shredding.
• French fry-cut blade cuts potatoes into uniform shapely sticks for frying or baking and crisp vegetable strips for salads.
• Medium slicing blade slices onions, peppers, celery and broccoli for a quick stir-fry or prepare fruit slices for tarts and snacks.
• Fine-shredding blade tackles cheese toppings for salads, baked potatoes and tacos, strands of carrots and zucchini for cakes and breads, and shredded chocolate and coconut for desserts.
• 6 1/4" Dia. x 1/2"H.
• 1/4 lb.
• Model: DLC-873.

Specialty: Set of 3 stainless-steel discs for thick slicing (6-millimeter), julienne slicing (3-millimeter) and fine grating of fruits and vegetables.
• Thick-slice blade cuts eggplant, squash and root vegetables for stews and soups, tomatoes for salads, and bananas and strawberries for desserts and salads.
• Julienne blade cuts radishes, carrots, squashes and cheeses into julienne sticks for salads and garnishes.
• Fine-grating blade prepares hard cheeses for garnishes or ginger root for fresh seasonings and coconut for baked goods and frostings.
• 6 1/4" Dia. x 1/2"H.
• 1/4 lb.
• Model: DLC-893.
How did we ever get along without food processors? This three-disk set enables you to expand the use of your machine with several terrific time-savers. The fine grater is used with especially hard foods such as nutmeats, Parmesan cheese, ginger, and horseradish, and the resulting uniform size of those tough-to-grate fibers are wonderful for adding to all sorts of recipes. The julienne disk gives you uniform 3-by-3-millimeter strips of vegetables or medium-hard cheeses, which is a great way of adding decorative touches to salads and stir-fries. Your guests will think you spent hours in preparation. For dealing with large quantities of tomatoes, squash, or firm fruits, the 6-millimeter-thick slicing disk is the way to go. Each disk is dishwasher-safe, and of course, needs careful handling--they are supersharp, so watch your fingers! --Jill Lightner
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