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SiliconeZone 9-by-12-Inch Small Baking Mat
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SiliconeZone 9-by-12-Inch Small Baking Mat
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by Silicone Zone
Brand : Siliconezone
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EAN : 0834255001495
UPC : 834255001495

Features Of  'SiliconeZone 9-by-12-Inch Small Baking Mat'
  • Reusable baking mat made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone
  • Promotes even heat distribution for excellent browning of baked goods
  • Microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe; high-gloss nonstick finish
  • Great non-skid work surface for kneading dough; includes inch measurements
  • Won¿t retain food odors; lifetime guarantee
Editorial Reviews for  'SiliconeZone 9-by-12-Inch Small Baking Mat'
Product Description
Silicone Zone Baking Mats are designed to professional and commercial standards. Our baking mats use a flexible small gauge fiber that is overcoated with our 900 degree certified FDA silicone. Inch and centimeter measurements make for easy placement of dough. Great for making cookies, candies and pastry. Can be cut to size....
Forget parchment paper! This reusable baking mat saves plenty of money by lining your trays for a lifetime of cookie baking. The mat is made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone—the long-standing material of choice for professional bakers. The mat can withstand temperatures ranging from –58 degrees Fahrenheit to 900 degrees Fahrenheit so cookie dough can go from pastry board to freezer to oven without any problems. Silicone promotes even heat distribution so baked goods come out moist and delicious. A high-gloss nonstick finish makes it easier to remove cookies or pastry from the baking mat and, because it is nonporous, it won’t retain the odors or flavors of your food after cooking. Measuring 9 by 12 inches, this mat fits smaller baking sheets. It also can be used on a wood cutting board or kitchen counter to create an impromptu pastry station. The mat grips any surface and won’t slip while kneading dough; plus inch and centimeter marks (up to 11 inches and up to 20 centimeters) along the perimeter help line dough up to cut exact strips for cookies or biscotti. SilconeZone’s revolutionary baking mat is dishwasher-safe and is covered by a lifetime guarantee. --Cristina Vaamonde
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