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Organic Mung Beans, 25# 25 lb. Bulk

Organic Mung Beans, 25# 25 lb. Bulk
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by Varies
Brand : Bulk-Varies

Our Price : $100.00

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  • Organic Mung Beans
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Product Description
Mung beans, native to India, are most popularly known for their sprouting aspect. However, mung beans can be cooked like other beans. Mung beans are a fantastic place to get fiber, protein, complex carbs & iron - as well as being a great source of a variety of vitamins & minerals. Mung beans cook fast and are very easy to digest. Cook them with vegetables, grains or greens. Grind them into flour for flatbreads or puree them for sweets - there are many things you can use whole mung beans for. Mung beans are also great sprouted and used in salads, sandwiches and Asian dishes.
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