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Organic Yellow Cornmeal Flour (Farina per Polenta)
Organic Yellow Cornmeal Flour (Farina per Polenta)
Studio :
by Mulino Sobrino
Brand : Mulino Sobrino
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Features Of  'Organic Yellow Cornmeal Flour (Farina per Polenta)'
  • Organic corn flour
  • Rich and flavorful
  • Both novices and professional chefs will appreciate the complex flavors
  • Perfect for making polenta dishes with cheese and mushrooms
  • Recommended to cook for 60-90 minutes
Editorial Reviews for  'Organic Yellow Cornmeal Flour (Farina per Polenta)'
Product Description
Renzo Sobrino uses an ancient variety of corn, called red corn, to produce his farina per polenta. He hand picks the corn, air dries it, and then grinds it in a traditional stone mill. The result is a flavorful, fine-textured cornmeal that's perfect for baking, making sweet porridge, and preparing delicate polenta dishes with cheese, milk, butter, or wild mushroom sauces.,/p>

This flour is vacuum-packed. After opening, let breathe for an hour. This type of cornmeal is best cooked for at least 20 minutes: The more time it spends on the stovetop, the more flavorful it becomes.

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