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Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Rosemary (Rosmarino)
Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Rosemary (Rosmarino)
Studio :
by Azienda Agricola De Col Piras
Brand : Azienda Agricola De Col Piras
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Features Of  'Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Rosemary (Rosmarino)'
  • Net weight 3.2-ounces
  • Naturally sun dried and packed
  • Each one hand picked
  • Sprinkle over grilled vegetables
  • Great over meats
Editorial Reviews for  'Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Rosemary (Rosmarino)'
Product Description
Paul Ferrari searched for years for herbs that retain their flavor and freshness even after bottling. So imagine his excitement when he found these organically grown herbs from the De Col Piras family farm in southern Sardinia. Naturally sun dried and packed for us by Roberto and Ana De Col Piras, these herbs put supermarket brands to shame. We carry a wide variety of Roberto and Ana's native Sardianian herbs and spices, each one hand picked and packed in a clear jar.

Rosmarino is a wild bush native to the Mediterranean area that grows near the sea. In fact, the name means "sea dew." Centuries ago, this member of the mint family was thought to cure ailments of the nervous system.

Now it's most commonly used in central and northern Italy for roasted meats and vegetables (particularly lamb and potatoes). This rosemary grows wild on the island of Sardinia and is harvested by the De Col Piras family.

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