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Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Sage (Salvia)
Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Sage (Salvia)
Studio :
by Azienda Agricola De Col Piras
Brand : Azienda Agricola De Col Piras
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Features Of  'Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Sage (Salvia)'
  • If you want to dress up beans or pasta, melt butter with a pinch of sage
  • All naturall
  • Sun-dried sage
Editorial Reviews for  'Organic, Naturally Sun-Dried Sage (Salvia)'
Product Description
Paul Ferrari searched for years for herbs that retain their flavor and freshness even after bottling. So imagine his excitement when he found these organically grown herbs from the De Col Piras family farm in southern Sardinia. Naturally sun dried and packed for us by Roberto and Ana De Col Piras, these herbs put supermarket brands to shame. We carry a wide variety of Roberto and Ana's native Sardianian herbs and spices, each one hand picked and packed in a clear jar.

Sage, which grows easily in Italy, is most often used in the North -- often with melted butter to dress beans or pasta. The beautiful thing about this particular sage is the way it comes back to life when refreshed in a sauce. (Most commercial sage is dried so quickly that vital nutrients are leeched out and can't be reconstituted when cooked.) Its pungent, slightly bitter taste is an appropriate foil for sweet butter, but sage is also apt company for pork, cheese and poultry stuffing. The name is derived from the Latin, salvus, meaning "safe," a reference to its believed healing powers.

Note: Because these herbs are dried naturally (thus retaining more of their flavor and nutrients) and packed in airtight containers, they stay fresh longer than most supermarket brands. This sage is harvested by the De Col Piras family in Sardinia.

Featured in Bon Appetit's May 2002 Islands of the Mediterranean issue.

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