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Lovage Root, 2 oz.
Lovage Root, 2 oz.
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by Ravenz Roost
Brand : Ravenz Roost
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Features Of  'Lovage Root, 2 oz.'
  • Place Lovage leaves or flowers with seven rose buds in the bath water (in a sachet). This will make you more attractive and love inspiring. Such baths are best taken before going out and meeting new people. Used in love incenses or sachets. Mix with other love herbs such as Black Snake Root or Meadowsweet to attract lov
  • Use in teas, tinctures, dream pilliws and mojo bags
  • It is mainly a beauty and love herb, but is also associated with psychic, sleep, energy, and purification.
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  • Make a Tea of Lovage leaves or root and drink just before bedtime for psychic dreams, or drink a tea to make the mind alert before business meetings or school. Carry it in a sachet or charm on the person to attract love. Place the root in a mesh bag and hold under the tap water when running a bath for cleansing, and for beauty and attractiveness to the opposite sex. Add rose petals to the bath to enhance this property. Add the dried and powdered root to cleansing and purification baths to release negativity. Carry to attract love and the attention of the opposite sex.
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Product Description
2 ounce bag of Dried Lovage root.
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