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Cavalli Silver Label Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Cavalli Silver Label Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
Studio :
by Cavalli
Brand : Cavalli
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Product Description

Giovanni Cavalli, the ultimate producer of Tradizionale from Reggio Emilia, has resigned from the Consortium in order to independently produce Balsamic of Reggio Emilia according to his own ultra-high standard. Although Ferdinando, Giovanni's father, founded the Corsortium of Traditional Balsamic Producers of Reggio Emilia, Giovanni believes that he must be free of the Consortium's constraits to achieve his level of quality.

Two basic quality levels have been established--Silver Seal and Gold Seal corresponding to the Modenese levels of minimum 12 year and 25 year aging respectively. However, these are minimums and do not reflect the age composition of Cavalli balsamico where stocks are up to 300 years old.

The Cavalli name and reputation assures the high standard that a product of this quality demands.

Cavalli Silver Seal Balsamic has a strong, sweet fragrance with thick, rich acidity. Intense bouquet.

Bottles are numbered and come boxed with an informative booklet containing history and recipes.

Each bottle contains 100 ml. of Silver Label Traditional Balsamic Vinegar by Cavalli from Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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