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Ground Nutmeg 7oz (199g)
Ground Nutmeg 7oz (199g)
Studio :
by Jayshree Spices
Brand : Jayshree
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Size : 7oz (199g)

Features Of  'Ground Nutmeg 7oz (199g)'
  • All Natural Product
  • Contains No Additives or Preservatives
Editorial Reviews for  'Ground Nutmeg 7oz (199g)'
Product Description
Nutmeg is found on the inside of a Mace Aril, and within the shell of the Nutmeg seed. The nutmeg that is ground to powder has a wrinkled exterior and is very hard to break. The flavor of Nutmeg is similar to that of Mace, although it is sweeter. Nutmeg is dried then removed from the shell of the seed, then ground. Jayshree Ground Nutmeg can be used in a wide variety of sweets. Often cakes, cookies, and puddings call for Ground Nutmeg to add a hint of flavor, which is very pungent and sweet. Jayshree Ground Nutmeg can also be used in fillings for pasta, such as spinach and cheese, tomato sauces or sauces for fresh seafood. It is excellent in many different types of cheeses and can really compliment the flavor of the foods it is used on.
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