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Paprika 7oz (199g)
Paprika 7oz (199g)
Studio :
by Jayshree Spices
Brand : Jayshree
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : 7oz (199g)

Features Of  'Paprika 7oz (199g)'
  • Adds a Vibrant Color to almost Any Entree
  • All Natural Product
  • Contains no Additives or Preservatives
Editorial Reviews for  'Paprika 7oz (199g)'
Product Description
Paprika is made of sweet peppers that are dried, and then ground to make the powder of Paprika. Ground Paprika lends an appealing flavor to foods as well as a beautiful deep-red color. Paprika is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Jayshree Paprika can be used to add color and flavor to a variety of dishes. It can be used in salsa, salad dressings, and in marinades. Paprika is often used to make entrees such as chicken or fish, which need a light pink color. Jayshree Paprika can also be used to make goulashes and stews.
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