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Cayenne Pepper 7oz (199g)
Cayenne Pepper 7oz (199g)
Studio :
by Jayshree Spices
Brand : Jayshree
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : 7oz (199g)

Features Of  'Cayenne Pepper 7oz (199g)'
  • All Natural Product
  • Contains No Additives or Preservatives
Editorial Reviews for  'Cayenne Pepper 7oz (199g)'
Product Description
Cayenne Pepper is a finely ground powder from the Capsicum Frutescens variety of chili. It is very hot in taste and is made from the Placenta and the seeds of the chili. It is as spicy as other dried ground chilies and is sometimes used as a table condiment. Jayshree Cayenne Pepper is often used to add heat to a lot of different dishes. It is used commonly in Mexican food, as an addition to their Hot Sauces. It is used for savory biscuits and cheese and egg dishes. Jayshree Cayenne Pepper is used quite often in spicy curries and in as an ingredient for the marinades of many meats.
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