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Carnaroli Rice Gazzani - Veneto, Italy - 2.2 lbs
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Carnaroli Rice Gazzani - Veneto, Italy - 2.2 lbs
Studio :
by Gazzani
Brand : Gazzani
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : a package of 1 kg - 2.2 lb.

Features Of  'Carnaroli Rice Gazzani - Veneto, Italy - 2.2 lbs'
  • Carnaroli variety is referred to as the "caviar" of rice
  • Indicated for any classic risotto preparation
  • From a stone rice mill dating back to 1648
  • Produced in the Veneto region by the Gazzani family
  • A vacuum bag of 1 kg - 2.2 lb
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Product Description

One of the oldest "riserie", rice mills, in Italy, Gazzani has been producing its superfine rice since 1648. Marco Soave, who inherited the ancient stone mill and the estate a few years ago, still uses the century old machineries for all the phases of productions. The mill is located in Vignasio, near Verona, in the Veneto region, where most of the rice production comes from in Italy and sits on the river Graicella, where a sandy soil and abundance of spring water set perfect conditions for rice cultivation. A visit to the old plant offers a highly emotional experience with a view of the rice making tradition of the area.

Carnaroli, Vialone Nano and Vialone Nano Pestelli are the three excellent varieties for risotto offered by Gazzani. While they are all indicated for traditional risotto recipes there are some differences to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect rice for your recipe: Carnaroli is often referred to as the "caviar" of rice with a high starch content and a creamy consistency, the kernels are longer and thinner than Vialone Nano and makes and will grant success to any classic risotto preparation.

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