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La Valletta Farm Farro Perlato - Umbria - 1.1 lb
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La Valletta Farm Farro Perlato - Umbria - 1.1 lb
Studio :
by La Valletta
Brand : La Valletta
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : a package of 500 gr - 1.1 lb

Features Of  'La Valletta Farm Farro Perlato - Umbria - 1.1 lb'
  • Grown on the Colfiorito Plateau in Umbria, Italy
  • Tender and aromatic grain, ideal in soups and as a substitute for rice
  • High in fibers and proteins, recommended in low fat diets
  • Nutty, hearty taste
  • A package of 500 gr - 1.1 lb
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Product Description

La Valletta is a family-run company in Umbria that works in a sustainable manner to produce exceptional grains and legumes. Alessandro and Rosalba Cappelletti are a brother and sister team dedicated to the preservation of plants native to the Colfiorito Plateau on the border of Umbria and Marche. This is a region of wide green plateaus and rolling planes.

This tasty Farro Perlato (also known as spelt, a "hulled wheat", with kernels that retain their hull or husk during harvest and must have it removed prior to further processing) comes from the town of Popola di Foligno in the heart of Umbria. It is actually hulled in the traditional way, and not "polished", thus maintaining the attractive brown colour that is characteristic of this ancient grain. Farro is a simple cereal, which went almost entirely out of use, and was only rediscovered in recent years thanks to the revival of interest in traditional cuisines.

Farro is the first known cereal in history, loved and appreciated - partly through force of circumstance, since at times it was the only food available - by the ancient Etruscans, Egyptians and Romans. Besides having a high vitamin, mineral, and fibre content, farro is also delicious.

It's the main ingredient in soups and rustic minestrone - dishes with old traditional flavours that have almost been forgotten. You can also use it, after boiling and cooling, as an interesting ingredient in both simple and composite salads. Or, after boiling about half an hour, you can drain and sauté it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomato, adding a final dusting of grated Ambra di Talamello Fossa cheese.

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