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Mezzi Rigatoni by Latini- Farro Grain
Mezzi Rigatoni by Latini- Farro Grain
Studio :
by Latini Pasta
Brand : Latini Pasta
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : a package of 500 gr - 1.1 lb

Features Of  'Mezzi Rigatoni by Latini- Farro Grain'
  • Food authority David Rosengarten calls it "Stupendous Superstar" pasta
  • Pasta from 100% semi-wholegrain farro, produced with classic artisanal methods
  • Artisanal production by Carlo & Carla Latini from Osimo Marche
  • Mellow aroma and great gourmet flavor
  • A package of 1.1 lb
Editorial Reviews for  'Mezzi Rigatoni by Latini- Farro Grain'
Product Description
Produced in Osimo, in the Marche region, pasta Latini has all the great qualities of artisanal pasta. Light consistency, rich flavor and a porous texture that captures sauces and condiments in every bite. It has none of the gumminess or blandness you find in more commercial productions. Marche's climate conditions, the water and the nature of the soil all contribute to an excellent production of wheat. Latini pasta is made from semolina flour mixed slowly with water and passed through bronze dies (hence the increased porousness) that Carlo Latini himself designed. The rough surface also accentuates the fragrance of pasta made from different varieties of durum wheat. While industrially produced pasta is dryed quickly at very high temperatures that alter the flavor of the wheat, Latini is dried at low temperatures (40-45 °C) for a much longer time. The secret is to maintain the highest possible protein value and the exceptional characteristics of flavor and texture in our pasta made only from selected grains of durum wheat. Our Latini pasta selection features: Farro is a grain similar to spelt whose existence has been documented for thousands of years. Passed down to history as the dish of choice of the Roman legions, farro is now enjoying a resurgence especially among trendy health-conscious chefs. Our Latini Farro pasta is made from varieties of farro grain personally selected by the Latini family and grown in Italy, is rich in fiber and extremely digestible, truly a refined gourmet flavor. With particular attention to the end result, during the milling, Latini removes the external cuticles from the bran, leaving only superior filaments, also called the "noble fibers". This pasta offers a mellow aroma and is exalted by delicate condiments made of vegetables and legumes, but the aroma becomes even more prominent with strong sauces based on meat, seafoood and shellfish.
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