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Roland Sea Salt Fine, 26 oz

Roland Sea Salt Fine, 26 oz
Studio :
by Roland Foods
Brand : Roland
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Features Of  'Roland Sea Salt Fine, 26 oz'
  • Roland Fine Sea Salt is the result of the evaporation of Mediterranean Sea water.
  • Enjoy the health benefits associated with Roland Sea Salt
  • Product of Italy
  • Large 26.4 oz canister - Fine Crystals
  • Added magnesium carbonate for ease of pouring even in moist environments.
Editorial Reviews for  'Roland Sea Salt Fine, 26 oz'
Product Description
Roland Sea Salt is the finest quality Sea Salt created from the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Made with the energy of the sun and the wind, it is still collected by hand and produced in the ancient Phoenician tradition. If you ever heard someone say, "well, let's see if you're worth your salt!", you were listening to an ancient saying that came from a time when people were actually paid in salt. In fact, the word salary is derived from salt. That indicates how essential and valuable true salt is to our diet. Our ancestors once used it as money because they knew it kept their bodies healthy. Today, for the most part, we use processed salt that's pretty and looks sparkling white and clean but it's missing a lot of the trace elements and minerals that once made it so valuable. Those minerals and trace elements are now stripped out in a processing plant because processors, and even consumers, are more concerned with the look of the product and lower costs rather than in its actual nutritional content. If that is so, you may be asking yourself why your doctor and the mass media are telling you to cut back on salt. Well, perhaps, you are craving mineral rich salt but all you have available is "empty" salt or salt stripped of its natural wholesome ingredients. Your body knows you need salt but you're not getting the right or healthy salt you need. Perhaps you're just craving real salt. One tiny grain of Roland Sea Salt has more flavor and is more satisfying than a larger amount of its processed cousin.
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