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Organic Vialone Nano Rice by Tenuta Castello - 1.1 lb Box (1.1 ounce)

Organic Vialone Nano Rice by Tenuta Castello - 1.1 lb Box (1.1 ounce)
Studio :
by Tenuta Castello
Brand : Tenuta Castello
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Features Of  'Organic Vialone Nano Rice by Tenuta Castello - 1.1 lb Box (1.1 ounce)'
  • Widely used rice in the Veneto region of Italy.
  • Suitable for rich, hardy risottos.
  • Absorbs twice its weight in liquid.
  • Use carnaroli for lighter dishes and Vialone nano for heavier.
  • Grown in Vercelli in the Piedmont region of Italy.
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Product Description
While Carnaroli is widely used across Italy for risottos, Vialone Nano is the favourite in the Veneto area. This rice has well-balanced starches with the grain being a slightly smaller pearl-shape than Carnaroli. Vialone Nano makes a rich, creamy risotto, absorbing twice its weight in liquid. Perfect for robust, hardy risotto dishes.

Tenuta Castello grows their rice with a deep care and attention to the use of weeding products (permitted by ECC regulations), respecting tradition and product nature. Certified Organic.

The small, quiet town of Desana has several beautiful attractions. A medieval castle, a charming bed and breakfast and a delicious risotteria, Ristorante Oryza. - all owned and run by the Vercellone family. Stunning views of rice fields abound just outside the town in the province of Vercelli in the Piedmont region. The Vercellone family grows their incredibly high quality rices in these fields the old fashioned way. Known as the Agricultural Farm Tenuta Castello, the area covers a surface of 320 hectares, of which 250 hectares are dedicated to rice cultivation, while the remaining are devoted to spelt, corn and poplars. They follow the whole agricultural and food chain of production, from the preparation of the soil up to the harvesting, from the plant processing in the farm with old stone grinding machines up to the packaging. This guarantees a product which has been controlled in each transforming phase.

In order to protect and to increase the value of Italian rice, Tenuta Castello is a charter member and company promoter of a consortium for the guardianship of all Italian Varieties - "Consorzio Tutela Riso".

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