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Fagor U Cook 7-Piece Deluxe Pressure Cooker Set
Fagor U Cook 7-Piece Deluxe Pressure Cooker Set
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by Fagor
Brand : Fagor
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EAN : 0735186001120
UPC : 735186001120

Features Of  'Fagor U Cook 7-Piece Deluxe Pressure Cooker Set'
  • Includes 4-, 6-quart pots, universal pressure cooker lid, tempered glass lid, steamer basket, pasta basket
  • 18/10 stainless steel; pots have encapsulated aluminum base for even heat distribution
  • Two independent overpressure valves; lock prevents opening before pressure is released
  • Tempered glass lid turns pressure cooker into versatile stockpot or saucepan
  • Steamer basket bottom doubles as universal grater; color cookbook; 10-year warranty
Editorial Reviews for  'Fagor U Cook 7-Piece Deluxe Pressure Cooker Set'
Product Description
New from Fagor, the 7 piece U Cook deluxe pressure cooker set is fast, easy and healthy cooking. Made of 18/10 stainless steel the set includes a 4 and 6 quart nesting pots, a pressure cooker lid that fits both pots, a glass lid that fits both pots, a steamer basket / food grater, a pasta basket, a Tastefully Under Pressure Full Color Cookbook and easy to follow instruction manual. Perfect for all types of cook tops it can be used on gas, electric, ceramic or induction stoves. As with all Fagor pressure cookers, it has a triple safety mechanism, a pressure control valve, a safety lock on the handle that prevents accidental opening under pressure, two independent over-pressure release valves and a visual pressure indicator and automatic pressure release valve. The 6 quart pot supports the steamer basket/pasta insert which on the bottom also doubles as a food grater The lid is made of tempered glass for easy viewing and it all comes with a " Tastefully Under Pressure" full color cookbook.
Adopting the "quick and healthy" motto in terms of daily meal preparation? This pressure cooker set prepares food up to 70 percent faster than conventional methods while retaining up to 50 percent more of food's vitamins and minerals. The set includes two 18/10 stainless-steel pots in 4- and 6-quart sizes along with a universal lid that covers both. An encapsulated aluminum base in the bottom of the pots spreads heat throughout to cook dishes, such as Mediterranean risotto, a whole citrus-glazed chicken, or a warm flan, evenly while using less fuel. Steam breaks down food's fibers quickly, leaving a delectable tender consistency and boosting flavors. And, because these pots don't have any magnetic elements, they can be used on any type of stovetop, including induction ranges.

After ingredients are loaded into either pot, the lid rotates and locks tightly as its handle meets the pot's handle. A knob on top of the handle sets the cooker at either low or high heat and also sets the pressure release valve, which may be used in lieu of natural release methods (letting pressure drop at room temperature or under cold running water). When the valve is no longer emitting steam, the yellow thumb lever becomes operable and unlocks the lid from its base. The U Cook has two safety mechanisms in place to ensure that the explosions of pressure cooking lore can never happen. A cutout in the lid's rim vents steam in the event of high-pressure build-up and a back-up valve under the lid handle kicks in if the pressure is excessive.

This pressure cooker kit also includes a tempered glass lid that fits both pots and turns them into conventional stockpots. A stainless-steel pasta basket fits within the 6-quart pot and is ideal for boiling pasta or steaming asparagus. The set also includes a smaller stainless-steel basket that steams more compact veggies, such as carrots or broccoli, in the 4-quart pot or hangs along the top of the 6-quart pot for steaming vegetables while pasta boils below. As an added bonus, the bottom of the steamer basket is also a food grater containing large holes for coarse grating, smaller holes for finer shaving, and slotted holes for slicing. This comprehensive 7-piece pressure cooking set comes with a detailed instruction manual and the full-color cookbook,Tastefully Under Pressure, which contains over 90 pressure cooker recipes tested in the Fagor kitchens. Fagor offers a 10-year warranty on this set. --Cristina Vaamonde

What's in the Box:
4-quart nesting pot, 6-quart nesting pot, pressure cooker lid (fits both pots), tempered glass lid (fits both pots), stainless-steel steamer basket/grater, stainless-steel pasta basket, Tastefully Under Pressure full-color cookbook, instruction manual.

From the Manufacturer

Fagor is Green:

Fagor's mission is to use resources efficiently to preserve the environment and save energy, developing highly efficient products that consume less and save money; contributing to a healthy planet for us and our future generations. From a social perspective, Fagor's environmental policy strategy offers advantages to both workers and consumers. It provides workers with environmentally-appropriate working conditions, which, among other benefits, minimizes and eliminates the handling of hazardous materials, while for consumers, the end-users of Fagor's products and services, it allows for efficient use of the appliances, which reduces energy and water consumption.

Fagor has manufacturing systems established to minimize environmental impact on soil, water, energy, and air during the production process. There is also proper waste management and recycling procedures in place after the manufacturing process is completed.

In addition to numerous European product certifications and environmental stewardship awards, Fagor is also notably a participant in the Energy Star program in the USA, a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department Of Energy. Products that bear the energy star label allow consumers to recognize such products that have been manufactured to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

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