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Grapeseed Oil Salute Sante 33.8 fl oz Liquid
Grapeseed Oil Salute Sante 33.8 fl oz Liquid
Studio :
by Salute Sante
Brand : Salute Santé
Availability : This Item is currently Not Available
Size : 33.8 fl oz

Features Of  'Grapeseed Oil Salute Sante 33.8 fl oz Liquid'
  • Premium Quality Grapeseed Oil
  • Highest smoke point (over 485 degrees Fahrenheit) lets you saute, fry or bake without smoking
  • Half the saturated fat than olive oil
  • Fresh light taste brings out the flavor of food
  • Imported from Italy/Net Weight: 1 liter/33 fl oz
Editorial Reviews for  'Grapeseed Oil Salute Sante 33.8 fl oz Liquid'
Product Description
Grapeseed Oil by Salute Sante 33.8 fl oz Liquid Grapeseed Oil 33.8 fl oz Liquid Salute Sant Grapeseed Oil has long been the secret of gourmet chefs who love its light and nutty yet neutral flavor. It has the unique ability to enhance the flavors of ingredients instead of overpowering them and leaves no greasy aftertaste It makes savory marinades and salad dressings that will not cloud when chilled so you can use them right out of the refrigerator. The high smoke point (485 F) makes it ideal for hot food preparation which means you can saut fry or bake without any smoking splattering or burning. The excellent emulsification properties make it ideal for whipping mayonnaise and creamy dressings that will not separate when chilled. The Salute Sant Infused Grapeseed Oils shine with delicious fresh flavors making them ideal as a liquid spice in all your cooking or as a simple and delicious dip for bread in place of butter or margarine. Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all die
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