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Thai Fresh Lemongrass - 8 stalks

Thai Fresh Lemongrass - 8 stalks
Studio :
by ImportFood
Brand : Importfood
Availability : Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Size : 2 pounds

List Price : $10.99
Our Price : $6.23

Features Of  'Thai Fresh Lemongrass - 8 stalks'
  • 8 stalks of fresh, hearty lemongrass
  • Shipped via quick 2 Day Priority at no added charge.
  • Order more than one item and save on shipping.
  • Experienced shipper offering exotic Thai produce for over 7 years.
Editorial Reviews for  'Thai Fresh Lemongrass - 8 stalks'
Product Description
Lemongrass, or citronella root, is the reason Thai and Vietnamese dishes often have a compelling flavor that's not exactly lemon, but a subtle lemon perfume. It is sold by the stalk which resembles a green onion. Serving tips: Use the portion of the white base up to where the leaves begin to branch. If slightly dry, soak in warm water to rehydrate. Shred or finely slice and add to soups, curry dishes, and sauces for seafood. Get a nice large quantity for generous use, 2 lbs is about 12 stalks. Will keep for weeks in the fridge, or cut into 4 inch pieces and freeze in a ziplock. We are pleased to offer a special deal on select fresh produce essential for Thai cooking. We pack the produce carefully and ship every Mon/Tues/Wed via USPS Priority Mail (2 day delivery) to ensure freshness, and orders may not ship until Wed due to Mother Nature & harvest conditions. We also offer Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves separately in addition to Thai basil, green papaya, whole fresh tamarind and Thai eggplant.
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