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Thai Galangal dried - 4 oz package

Thai Galangal dried - 4 oz package
Studio :
by ImportFood
Brand : Importfood
Availability : Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Size : 3.5 oz
EAN : 8850885164173

Our Price : $4.50

Features Of  'Thai Galangal dried - 4 oz package'
  • 4 oz. Dried Galangal
  • Product of Thailand
  • Ship from California
Editorial Reviews for  'Thai Galangal dried - 4 oz package'
Product Description
Also known as galanga. A very good substitute for fresh galangal, you can place this product in lukewarm water to reconstitute, then use as desired. Each 4 oz package is made from approx 32 oz fresh galangal (2 lb) so this is a great deal, as any market that happens to offer fresh galangal usually charges $7.95 or more per lb. We have seen specialty spice stores selling dried galangal for $6.50 per ounce! Ours is always new stock, imported from Indonesia. Great flavor and aroma. Product of Indonesia. We also offer galangal powder and fresh galangal.
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