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Whole Wheat Flour - 50 Pound Bag
Whole Wheat Flour - 50 Pound Bag
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by Honeyville Food Products
Brand : Honeyville Farms
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Features Of  'Whole Wheat Flour - 50 Pound Bag'
  • Contains the wheat germ and wheat bran
  • Healthier than traditional wheat flour.
  • Higher in fiber, vitamin E, some B vitamins and trace minerals
  • Made of 100% whole premium quality Spring Wheat
Editorial Reviews for  'Whole Wheat Flour - 50 Pound Bag'
Product Description
Honeyville's Whole Wheat Flour is milled from sound, scientifically cleaned and specifically selected spring red wheat, to produce a premium quality flour. Our wheat flour contains the wheat germ and wheat bran, making it healthier than traditional wheat flour. Whole wheat flour is high in fiber, vitamin E, B vitamins and protein than enriched white flour. Because of the presence of bran, which reduces gluten development, baked goods made from whole wheat flour are naturally heavier and denser than those made with white flour. Many bakers combine whole wheat and white flour in order to gain the attributes of both. The wheat germ and wheat bran give the flour a more hearty appearance. Honeyville Whole Wheat Flour is an ideal product for your baking needs.
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