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Farina Integrale
Farina Integrale
Studio :
by Mulino Sobrino
Brand : Mulino Sobrino
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Features Of  'Farina Integrale'
  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Versatile Organic durum whole wheat flour
  • Heirloom seeds produce this wonderful flour.
  • Perfect for whole wheat bread, pizza, and egg pasta.
  • Organic ancient wheat flour
Editorial Reviews for  'Farina Integrale'
Product Description
Mulino Sobrino utilizes the highest quality varieties of grains grown in the heart of the Langhe hills in Piedmont. Mulino Sobrino buys the grains from local producers and grinds them into whole wheat flour utilizing ancient stone mills. With this grinding process Mulino Sobrino makes the most genuine and highly nutritional whole wheat flour including all the parts of the grain.

The perfect base for making denser whole wheat breads, pasta or any other recipe that calls for whole wheat flour.

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