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India Tree Tellicherry Pepper, 2 lb

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India Tree Tellicherry Pepper, 2 lb
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by India Tree
Brand : India Tree
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Size : 32 Ounces
EAN : 0734865701016
UPC : 734865701016

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Features Of  'India Tree Tellicherry Pepper, 2 lb'
  • India Tree Tellicherry Pepper contains 2 pound
  • India Tree Tellicherry Peppercorns are the largest, the darkest, the most consistent in quality
  • Use with India Tree specialty salts
  • Black peppercorns from Tellicherry, India have always been considered the very best
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Product Description
Black pepper is the berry of an evergreen vine native to India. The berries, growing in long clusters, are harvested while they are still green, then sun-dried until they shrivel and turn brownish-black. Pepper is the king of spices. It was one of the first spices to be traded in the ancient world and is the most traded spice in the world today. For a very long time, the best pepper was grown along the Malabar Coast of India and shipped from the port of Tellicherry. Today premium pepper may come from other parts of Southeast Asia as well, but the premium grade for all black pepper is still called Tellicherry. Tellicherry peppercorns are the largest, the plumpest, the most pungent and the most aromatic of all black peppers. Use INDIA TREE Tellicherry Pepper to flavor both savory and sweet dishes, especially those made with berries and other fruits.
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