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Argan Culinary Oil (8.4 Oz) by Zamouri Spices

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Argan Culinary Oil (8.4 Oz) by Zamouri Spices
Studio :
by Zamouri Spices, an Elbertai Company LLC
Brand : Zamouri Spices
Availability : Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Size : 250 Ml (8.4 oz) Bottle

Our Price : $42.95

Features Of  'Argan Culinary Oil (8.4 Oz) by Zamouri Spices'
  • Certified Organic by ECO Cert
  • Extra Virgin, First cold-pressed
  • 100% pure
  • Made in small artinsal batches for highest quality and freshness
  • Shipped directly from Morocco via air
Editorial Reviews for  'Argan Culinary Oil (8.4 Oz) by Zamouri Spices'
Product Description
Argan Oil, found only in Southern Morocco, has been sought after for years by chefs, top gourmets and enlightened home cooks for its delicacy. It has a characteristic nutty flavor and enhances the taste and aroma of many dishes. It is truly a rare and exotic treat. Uses for Argan Oil: Argan Oil is used only for seasoning and never for cooking. Very characteristic for its nutty taste and exotic flavor, it enchances the taste and scents of: * Vegetarian and oriental dishes. Vegetables (sweet pepper, tomato, green, salad, courgettes, sweet potato) * Cooked dishes: couscous, seafood (salmon, trout, shrimps, and lobster...) * Spaghetti, rice with veggies, and other pasta dishes. * Dry vegetable dishes: lentils, French bean or chickpea. * Scrambled eggs and other egg dishes * Bread and crepes. * Pastes: Almond paste (Amlou), Zahtar paste.
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