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Maple Sugar

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Maple Sugar
Studio :
by Hunter & Hilsberg Corporation
Brand : Hunter & Hilsberg
Availability : Usually ships in 1-2 business days
Size : 9 Ounces

Our Price : $9.99

Features Of  'Maple Sugar'
  • Maple Sugar 100% Pure, US Grade A, Light Amber (9 oz / 255 g)
  • SAVE on shipping (per item) by ordering 2 or more !!!
  • All-Natural
Editorial Reviews for  'Maple Sugar'
Product Description
Maple sugar is the ideal sweetener for maple lovers, gourmands, and the health conscious. It is more natural than standard white sugar AND has more sweetening power per measure. Use where ever you may normally use sweeteners, but remember to use about 1/2 less, as it is a stronger sweetener. The perfect way to enjoy sweet things without having to worry as much about calories. - Serve with cappuccino, espresso and coffee; - Add to hot water for a quick and delicious maple tea;- Sprinkle over cereal for light sweetening;- Sprinkle over cookies that are fresh out-of-the oven instead of cinnamon-sugar; or,- Use as the sweetener when caramelizing onions;In other words, use where ever you traditionally use granulated sugar but would like a little extra flavor and enjoyment! Our maple sugar is a naturally fat-free product. SAVE on shipping (per item) by ordering 2 or more !!!
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