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Organic Pinhead Oatmeal of Alford Stonecut Oatmeal
Organic Pinhead Oatmeal of Alford Stonecut Oatmeal
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by ChefShop
Brand : ChefShop
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Size : 1 KILO BAG

Features Of  'Organic Pinhead Oatmeal of Alford Stonecut Oatmeal'
  • Organic Scotish Steelcut Oatmeal of Alford 2.2 POUNDS
  • The more you buy the less it costs to ship (on a per item basis), when it all comes from Click on the ChefShop link below the product name to see what else we have!
  • Nutty flavor and crisp, risotto-like texture
  • If you eat oatmeal ever day, your will love this oatmeal
  • Try it and you will be hooked! Make it part of your healthy diet.
Editorial Reviews for  'Organic Pinhead Oatmeal of Alford Stonecut Oatmeal'
Product Description
ChefShop is the exclusive source - as mentioned by Lynne Rosetto Kaspar and Food and Wine - for Organic Oatmeal of Alford. This organic Scottish stonecut oatmeal is not just a step, but a flight of stairs above the oatmeal we grew up with! Oatmeal of Alford is renowned for its traditionally nutty flavor and crisp texture. It cooks easily on the stovetop due to the nature of the cutting and can even be made in the microwave. For the microwave, add water as you heat (not all at once) and you'll get a great result! Add muscovado sugar or organic wild blueberry and apple jam . . . . . delicious! And it's good for you! As part of a low fat diet, oatmeal can greatly help to reduce cholesterol levels. But above all it is a natural food and our oatmeal product contains NO additives, preservatives or colorings. How the Scots eat. The Scots prefer pinhead oats to steel-cut oats originating out of Ireland. The whole oats have been cut into pieces and have a chewier, nuttier texture than rolled oats. It's flavour can be attributed to the final drying out process - carried out in the old fashioned 'flat kiln', which is believed to be the only one of it's kind used in Britain today. Oatmeal used to form the mainstay of the Scots' diet, and it continues to play an important part. It's eaten with meats, game, for breakfast, and with poultry as stuffing. These pinhead oats are also used for home baking in cakes, biscuits (cookies), oatcakes and pastries.
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