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herbes de provençe with lavender
herbes de provençe with lavender
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by faerie's finest
Brand : faerie's finest
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Features Of  'herbes de provençe with lavender'
  • A unique blend of lavender with marjoram, thyme and other Provençal seasonings.
  • Complements chicken, veal, pork and fish and is a perfect addition to marinades and salad dressing.
  • We also offer an alternate herbes de provençe for those who find the taste of lavender too intense.
  • Faerie's unique blends of natural herbs and spices make it easy to create mouth-watering dishes.
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Product Description
The Provençe region of France is known throughout the world for the abundance of herbs that grow throughout the countryside.  Some herbs, such as thyme and rosemary, are so abundant, that even in the sparsest areas, their fragrance fills the air.

We have taken a selection of these herbs and blended them into two unique combinations that capture the essence of Provençe.  Our herbes de provençe with lavender is a traditional French classic.  We also offer our alternative herbes de provençe for American palates less accustomed to the intense flavor of lavender.

Both of these blends complement chicken, veal, pork and fish.  They are perfect additions to marinades and salad dressings.

Faerie's unique blends of natural herbs and gourmet spices make it easy for anyone to create mouth-watering dishes.  Each of our seasoning blends is available in ½-cup and 2-cup shaker top jars.

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