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Features Of  'MUNG BEANS, WHOLE, 25 lbs.'
  • They are used extensively in both Indian and Chinese cooking
  • Mung beans combine well with a host of grains and flours, vegetables and greens
  • Contain vitamins A, C and E, folacin, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium
  • Ayurvedic healers consider the mung bean valuable because it is highly nutritious and delivers sustenance
  • Mung beans can be digested even by the recuperating
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Product Description
Mung Beans (Vigna Radiata) are a small 1/4 inch and round. They can be olive green, brown or black in color. The inside of the Mung Bean is mustard colored. When husked and split, the green Mung Bean becomes known in India as the "Yellow Mung" or "Moong Dal". Mung Beans are used in a variety of forms: whole, peeled, split or ground. Mung Beans have a sweet flavor, soft texture and are easy to digest. These beans are sprouted to produce Bean Sprouts, which contain vitamin C, a vitamin not found in the dry bean. Mung Beans were introduced to China many centuries ago and have a long history in India where they originated. Mung Beans are the most common beans to be sprouted in Asia, Europe and America. Mung Bean Flour is used to make Bean Threads or Cellophane Noodles.
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