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Masa Harina, 25 Lb Bag

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Masa Harina, 25 Lb Bag
Studio :
by Angelina's Gourmet
Brand : Woodland Ingredients
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EAN : 0687080319774
UPC : 687080319774

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Features Of  'Masa Harina, 25 Lb Bag'
  • KOF-K Kosher Certified
  • Shipped from a BRC (A rated) facility
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Product Description
Masa Harina is a type of Corn Flour made from sun dried posole that has been prepared with lime or wood-ash lye water. After being cooked, the posole is left to soak in the lime water over night and then it is ground into Masa. The dried Masa is known as masa harina. "Masa" is the Spanish word for "dough" and "Harina" is Spanish for "flour". Though Masa Harina is made from ground corn, it is not the same as Corn Meal and the two products are not good substitutes for each other. Masa Harina cooks up softer, absorbs a lot of fat during its cooking and holds together better in tortillas. Masa differs from Corn Meal nutritionally as well. As with hominy, the treatment of soaking by lye or lime water balences the corn's amino acids, so there is actually more available or usable protein.
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