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key lime flavor extract
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key lime flavor extract
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by faerie's finest
Brand : faerie's finest
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Features Of  'key lime flavor extract'
  • Natural Key Lime Flavor Extract.
  • Specially formulated for baking and candy making.
  • No added sugars or colors.
  • We ship anywhere in the U.S. for $7.50 per order - pay for one item, additional items ship free.
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Product Description
The smaller, juicier key lime is most famous for flavoring the distinctive pies of the same name.  With its unique taste and aroma, the key lime has become a popular flavor for cookies, candy, salad dressings and marinades.

Faerie's key lime extract makes it easy to add this unique citrus flavor to all your favorite foods.

All great cooking starts with the same thing — great ingredients.  Our premium quality extracts and liquid flavors give you an extra degree of flavor in all your cooking and baking.  They are specially formulated to withstand the high heat of baking and still bring you maximum flavor.

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