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La Vecchia Organic Balsamic

La Vecchia Organic Balsamic
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Size : 250 ML Bottle

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Features Of  'La Vecchia Organic Balsamic'
  • 250 ml. Made with pride and joy by the Pelloni Family of La Vecchia Dispensa!
  • Complex and delicious organic balsamic vinegar.
  • Made from the combination of cooked grape aged with high quality and aged wine vinegar.
  • 6% acidity maes it perfect for salads and grilled vegetables.
  • Great price for a great balsamic.
Editorial Reviews for  'La Vecchia Organic Balsamic'
Product Description
It was in 1973 that the Pelloni family opened the "AL CASTELLO" restaurant in the medieval setting of the Piazza della Dama in Modena. Mario Pelloni was not born a restaurateur, but his previous profession was linked to foods, and thanks to his wife's love of cooking and the cooperation of his daughter Roberta and son-in-law Marino, he made a success of the venture by offering dishes prepared in the genuine local ways now unfortunately on the verge of extinction. The items on the menu are mainly based on the traditional cookery of the Modena region. Balsamic vinegar takes centre stage in the output of LA VECCHIA DISPENSA since the company considers it the resulting jewel of its labors. It is still made in the traditional way, by fermenting the must of Trebbiano grapes in barrels of costly woods - oak, mulberry, chestnut, cherry and juniper - which over the years gradually give the vinegar its inimitable fragrance and flavour. The process continues with simple but clearly defined procedures that must be carried out in exactly the right sequence, at the best times and in the best places. However, skilled vinegar makers have their own secrets, handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. The ageing process gives balsamic vinegar the characteristics that make it truly unique. This complex, delicious organic balsamic vinegar is made from the combination of cooked grape must that has been aged with high quality, aged wine vinegar. With 6% acidity, it is perfect for salads, and grilled vegetables.
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