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Mustapha's Reserve Olive Oil - Morocco
Mustapha's Reserve Olive Oil - Morocco
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by ChefShop
Brand : ChefShop
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Size : 375 ML Bottle

Features Of  'Mustapha's Reserve Olive Oil - Morocco'
  • 375 ml. Made with passion from Morocco by Mustpha's.
  • Made from hand picked olives.
  • The result is buttery, if not creamy, with a slight pepper finish at the back of the throat.
  • Smooth with a much bolder and weightier on the palette.
  • Great foor drizzling!
Editorial Reviews for  'Mustapha's Reserve Olive Oil - Morocco'
Product Description
Mustapha's regular extra-virgin olive oil is made from hand picked olives that are pressed using modern equipment. The oil is then stored for months to mellow and clarify, and then it is filtered. The result is buttery, if not creamy, with a slight pepper finish at the back of the throat. A clean olive oil, it does not linger on the palate without providing a fresh, green quality. For a great recipe using Mustapha's oil Click here. Given all the fuss being made over the last few years about boldly flavored, grassy green oils, Mustapha decided to show the world what was possible with Moroccan olives. Mustapha pressed a small batch of hand picked Picholines - they are known as "Beldi" in Morocco - in an old stone press. He then only stores it long enough to get it to this country where he immediately bottles it unfiltered. The result is truly amazing. The murky, green-gold oil exudes a fruity aroma right out of the bottle. It is still smooth, but it is much bolder and weightier on the palette with the flavor of ripe and green fruit and a hint of nuttiness. It has a lovely buttery finish with just a whisper of spice on the back of the throat. Many parts of the Morocco were found to be eminently suitable for growing olives - first by the Phoenicians - and the olive and its oil eventually became staples of the Moroccan kitchen. What many people fail to realize is that today some of the best eating olives in the world come from the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco - as a testament to the quality of these olives, both France and Spain import them. This also applies to some truly delicious olive oils. Although the bottle looks the same as that of Mustaphas delicious EVO, this one is truly amazing. Moroccans, like the French, tend to like their oil mild and so the olives they use tend to be a bit riper.
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