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Star Anise

Star Anise
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by ChefShop
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Size : 28 Grams

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Features Of  'Star Anise'
  • 28 Gram Bag Sold exclusively by
  • Warm and licorice-like taste with woodsy notes.
  • Compliments duck, chicken, and pork very well.
  • Can be used whole to infuse flavor or toasted and cruched into a fine powder!
  • The more you buy the less it costs to ship (per item basis), when it all comes from Click the link to see all we have!
Editorial Reviews for  'Star Anise'
Product Description
28 Gram Bag This beautiful five-pointed spice is native to China and Southeast Asia. It is one of the very few spices used in Chinese cooking, and is the primary flavoring in Chinese five spice. It is very different from traditional anise in appearance, although the smell and taste is very similar; warm and licorice-like. It has none of the astringency of licorice, however, instead carrying a very woodsy flavor. It compliments duck, chicken and pork very well, and is often used in stews, including the very aromatic Vietnamese pho. Star anise can be used whole as an infusing flavor, or toasted and crushed into a very fine powder. In this form, it is perfect for adding to desserts like custards, ice cream, cakes and pies.
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