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Cinnamon - Ceylon Ground
Cinnamon - Ceylon Ground
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by ChefShop
Brand : ChefShop
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Size : 1.6 Oz. jar

Features Of  'Cinnamon - Ceylon Ground'
  • 1.6 Oz Mustapha's imports this cinnamon directly from Morocco!
  • One of the world's most important spices!
  • Sweet and fragrant aroma and warm lively aromatic flavor.
  • Floral complex taste sets it apart from cinnamon substitutes!
  • The more you buy the less it costs to ship (on a per item basis), when it all comes from Click on the ChefShop link below the product name to see what else we have!
Editorial Reviews for  'Cinnamon - Ceylon Ground'
Product Description
Mustapha's cinnamon is Cinnamomum zeylanicum imported to Morocco from its native Sri Lanka. Known the world over as Ceylon Cinnamon it has been one of the world's most important spices for millennia. It has a sweet and fragrant aroma, and its warm, lively aromatic flavor is essential to many Moroccan savory dishes such as lamb tagine and desserts as well as spice blends. Canela, the Spanish word for cinnamon is also known as Ceylon cinnamon, this is a true cinnamon that is used frequently in Mexican cooking. A native of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) it is also a primary ingredient in Indian, African and Asian foods as well. Its floral, complex taste sets it apart from cassia, the bark that most often substitutes for true cinnamon.
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