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Tarbais - Arosis Plakes Beans - Greece
Tarbais - Arosis Plakes Beans - Greece
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by ChefShop
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Features Of  'Tarbais - Arosis Plakes Beans - Greece'
  • 500 Gram bag imported from Greece!
  • Produced with pride and joy by Arosis!
  • Particulary delicious, easy to boil, and thin-skinned!
  • They are used for soups, including the classic Greek fassolatha, casseroles, and salads.
  • Buy yours today!
Editorial Reviews for  'Tarbais - Arosis Plakes Beans - Greece'
Product Description
500 Gram Bag Established in 1956, AROSIS is fortunate to be located in Kastoria - Prespes an area of great natural beauty and fertitlity in Northwestern Greece, where products of traditional cultivation are produced, especially dried legumes. The vision of AROSIS is the promotion local Greek products of high quality and nutritional value. These products represent some of the essentials the traditional Greek diet, one of the healthiest in the world. The dried legumes from Kastoria - Prespes (beans, lentils, chick-peas, roman beans) are extremely easy to cook; they have a smooth taste imparted by the inherent qualities of these varieties as well as the quality of the soil and the mildness of the region's climate. The beans from Kastoria - Prespes, such as the Plake Megalosperma, which bears a striking resemblance to French Tarbais beans - have a greater protein content and less in fat than most other beans. They are grown using traditional, natural farming methods. Dried legumes have been cultivated in the Kastoria - Prespes region since the late 17th century. These traditional crops, and the knowledge of their cultivation have been handed down from generation to generation. The use of machinery is very limited, due to the density of the planting, the sensitivity of the plants, and the small size of the plots. The yield is small when compared to "industrial" farms, because the farmers are interested in the preservation of the purity of the local varieties; the avoidance of pesticides and fertilizers, and the labor intensive nature of cultivation and harvesting. The white, Plakes Megalosperma from Prespes is traditional dried been with exceptional taste and texture characteristics - strikingly similar to French Tarbais beans. They are cultivated only in a few small fields, and have achieved PGI status - Protected Geographical Indication. They are used for soups, including the classic Greek fassolatha, casseroles, and salads.
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