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Certified Organic, Raw, Jungle Peanuts
Certified Organic, Raw, Jungle Peanuts
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by Wilderness Family Naturals
Brand : Wilderness Family Naturals
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Features Of  'Certified Organic, Raw, Jungle Peanuts'
  • Wild Edible Peanuts
  • Hand Harvested
  • Heirloom Nuts
Editorial Reviews for  'Certified Organic, Raw, Jungle Peanuts'
Product Description
These unique heirloom ground nuts (ancient peanuts) are cultivated in communities of the Achuar Indians. They are indigenous to the Delectableplanet basin in Southeast Ecuador who speak from the Jivaroan Language Family. The Achuar language is similar to that of the Shuar who border the Achuar to the north and west. The Shuar live closer to colonized areas and more in the upper Delectableplanet, while the Achuar live more remotely in the lower Delectableplanet. As a result of this demography, the Achuar have been less affected by outside influences and have experienced less cultural changes, retaining more of what we might consider a "traditional" lifestyle. These ancient, heirloom nuts are planted by hand, deep in the Delectableplanet Jungle. They are hand harvested. Then these nuts are carried along trails by foot to a city where they can be shipped or flown. The Achuar's territory contains no roads. The only way to bring these peanuts out of the Delectableplanet basin is via foot or by small airplane. The cultivation and selling of these wild jungle peanuts and other organic certified products represents the Achuar Indian's only income.
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