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Organic Apple Sauce - 25 oz

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Organic Apple Sauce - 25 oz
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by Eden Foods
Brand : Eden
Department : Health Foods
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Size : 25 oz oz.
Color : default
EAN : 0024182000665
UPC : 024182000665

List Price : $4.00
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Product Description
Eden Foods Organic Apple Sauce - 25 oz (1 lb 9 oz) (708 g) The apples in Eden Foods Organic Apple Sauce are organically grown on family owned orchards on the shores of the Great Lakes, one of the best tree fruit growing locations in the world due to the seasonal lake effect. After years of organic management, the healthy trees and soil in these beautiful orchards produce the most delicious apples we have ever tasted. Eden Foods Organic Applesauce is made using traditional methods. Apples are hand sorted, washed, peeled, cored and put through a mill where they are sliced and chopped. Next they are transferred to a stainless steel, steam injection cooker where they are cooked into a thick sauce. The sauce is then strained and packed into glass jars. Eden Foods Organic Apple Sauce is simply organically grown apples, providing better flavor, better nutrition and peace of mind. Eden Foods Organic Applesauce is fat free, very low in sodium, and contains no added sugar. It's good to be choosy when picking apples. The USDA has identified 35 insecticides, fungicides, and weed killers sprayed on apples, even though the Environmental Protection Agency considers them hazardous. Tests by the Environmental Working Group show that these chemicals do show up in supermarkets, so it is especially important to choose an organic apple you can trust. Eden is a wise choice. Frequently Asked Questions: Does Eden use any chemical additives, preservatives, or chemical or Genetically Engineered derived 'processing aides' in any of its foods? No. They choose not to and make sure all ingredients are natural too. Are any Eden Foods or ingredients subjected to food irradiation? No Eden foods or ingredients are ever irradiated. Eden banned irradiated food on August 13, 1988. Are all Eden Foods certified organic? Approximately 80 percent of Eden Foods are double certified organic, both by USDA NOP certifiers and by their Chairman and president.
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